How to unprotect protected M4B audiobooks
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Active globally since 2004, XStream comes to the rescue where ever there are problems with file formats for music, audiobooks, videos, flash-clips and even movie files. XStream reliably solves your file format problems with the double quality guarantee for converting audio and video files. Furthermore, XStream is unbeatable as a web recorder, recording all the music and movies found online. It should then come as no surprise that XStream is the most recommended software by trade publications on the planet.

How to unprotect M4B
Start XStream .
Switch to the “Converter” view located in the “Universal converter” section.
Click the “Files” button and choose the “Add files” option from the drop down menu.
Select the files you want to convert. They will now be added to the list in the “Converter” view. As an alternative, you can always drag and drop files to the view.
Choose the profile with the desired file format from “Convert”. The default setting is “Universal, videos for Windows MediaPlayer” which supports all MP3 players, but other predefined profiles are also available, for example: WMA or AAC.
For fine adjustments or selecting a profile that is not pre-configured, simply click the button with the two arrows pointing upwards. You will then see a menu containing several output formats such as M4A, WAV (for burning to disc), OGG and FLAC.
Once the output format is configured, click the “Start” button. The progress will be displayed in the “Converter” view, next to the files.
The converted files will show up in the XStream player on the right side of your screen after the conversion is complete.
You can now play the files with XStream or drag and drop them into another application or Windows Explorer to export them.

If music, audiobooks, videos and HD films cannot be played on your device due to copy protection, then XStream is what you’re looking for. Problem files are played quickly and simultaneously re-recorded as a legal private copy in the highest quality. XStream lets you purchase your entertainment via discount shops and subscriptions, even if your playback device cannot play the file in the current file format due to DRM copy protection. XStream converts everything for you in the highest quality and reliably takes care of such problems for you.

The numerous features that XStream has, makes it quite handy and contributes to its global success in the process. The creators of XStream have provided many functions and settings for you in order to make it easier for users and XStream alike to quickly and automatically complete every task. This includes ensuring that file formats for converting files are already allocated to the most popular portable devices. You do not have to be a computer wiz to optimally use XStream. You will have no problem finding the manufacturer of your multimedia player or cell phone. The rest is a piece of cake.

About M4B

M4B is, like M4A, an audio file wrapped within MPEG-4 container format. The audio encoding can be virtually anything, but most commonly used encoding for both, .m4a and .m4b, files is the AAC.