Playing media files

All files recorded or converted by XStream appear in the Player. Media files are automatically organized in playlists. The Player displays information about your media files and offers useful functions to e.g. play, filter, sort, edit and delete your media files, as well as your individual playlists.


Working with playlists

XStream works with two kinds of playlists:

  • automatic playlists, as e.g. the playlists containing the newest recorded files
  • your individual playlists, also called user playlists for brevity.

The following table lists differences in handling both types of playlists:

Automatic playlists Your individual playlists
Create Created automatically You can create new lists, anytime
Edit - You can add, remove and change individual items on a list, anytime
Sort Sortable by criteria, e.g. by age of creation You can order a list by moving tracks up or down
Delete Automatically deleted after a certain while You can/must delete lists manually
Rename - You can rename lists, anytime

Exporting files to external devices

Exporting media files can be done within the Player as well as within the Media center view. The Player offers basic export functionality. The Media center view offers more flexibility regarding the import and export of sets of files at once.

Figure 1. Exporting in the Player. The interface of your installed version might differ in details, but the basic structure is the same.

Click the target device button to export the selected files to an external device (e.g. CD Burner).

Symbols used for the Player

Table 1. Symbols used for the Player. See more symbols ...
Symbol Description Meaning
Green check mark This symbol denotes reviewed media files in a playlist.
Red X This symbol denotes buttons, with which you may delete various elements. For example, you may delete stations from your favorites, delete media files from the player or wishes from your wishlist.
List with red X This symbol labels the button for removing a media file from a playlist.
Blue arrow

This symbol denotes linked audio files in a playlist. Linked files are not saved on your computer.

Whenever you use the music search, you have the possibility to add a link to your playlist instead of actually downloading the file. Linked files can be played as long as the URL is valid and your computer is connected to the Internet.

You cannot edit tags of linked files.

Filmstrip with blue arrow This symbol denotes linked video files in a playlist.
Tag This symbols labels the button for tag editing. If any tags have been edited but changes not yet saved, the button is highlighted in orange color.