Streaming: Recording what you see and hear

The XStream-streaming functions let you record video and music files while you surf online. You may then choose which recorded files to save.


What to capture how?

What to record You should use these functions Notice
Song titles that I listen to when surfing Audio recording You may also use: Sound recording with tagging
Video clips that I watch when surfing Video recording -
Audio tracks of video clips that I watch when surfing Video recording Select a converting profile that converts videos to audio formats, e.g. "All to MP3".
Longer audio broadcasts that I listen to when surfing (e.g. concerts or lectures) Sound recording continuously -
  • Switch to the Save music view. Click What to capture how? to display a short dialogue sequence that will help you select the correct features for your job.

Combining separated recordings

Simply select the individual elements of the separated recordings and click Join recordings.

Add missing tags (additional song information)

Select one or more files in the player, for which you would like to edit the tags. Then click the yellow pen at the bottom of the player. Now you may edit the tags.

Remember: Do not forget to save your changes!

Questions and answers about streaming

I clicked Audio recording, but no music files are being recorded. Can I still record music while surfing?
If the Audio recording function does not record every song, you may select Sound recording continuously.
Note: As opposed to the Audio recording function, Sound recording continuously records the audio 1:1 as it is played. Incidental noises, such as those from a chat program will also be recorded.
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