Controlling the recording and converting process

The status line provides information about the current state of the ongoing recording and processing activities.


Status line

The status line is located at the bottom of each view. The status line shows:

  • information on the ongoing activity of the current view
  • information about how many files are currently recorded and processed in total (summed-up for all views together)
Figure 1. Status line for Web view, displaying view-specific information first, then the number of current files currently recorded and processed by XStream, in total

Click Expand processing list to expand the status line and see a detailed processing list.

Processing list

The processing list lists all files that are currently recorded, converted or queued for processing. The processing list allows you to see and control the processing of individual media files (e.g. start and stop recording, clean up the list, etc.).

Figure 2. Expanded processing list

Click Expand processing list to collapse the processing list and see the view's status line.

Speeding up processing on multi-core CPUs

As default, only one file at a time is processed. If your computer has multiple processor cores, go to Options > Convert & Process to increase the number of simultaneous encodings.