Reproducing and describing a problem

To get advise on problems from other users or the DVD neXt COPY support team, it is important to note down exactly what you do to get into the problem situation.

In case of technical failures, or if the support team already requested to do so, make sure to turn on writing log files before you reproduce your problem situation.

To describe a problem

  1. Sum up the error or problem in one or two sentences in your own words.
    • Include information about when the problem occurred for the first time. If you remember anything special that you've done around that time (e.g. updated the product, installed a new firewall software ...), add that information, too.
  2. Repeat the steps that lead to your problem. For each step, shortly note down what you do.
    • Quote the exact titles of dialogs, text messages etc. that are displayed.
    • Quote the exact labels of buttons, check boxes, etc. that you click.
  3. When you have reached the error or problem situation, create one or more pictures of the screen (a so-called screenshot) showing the situation.

    You can create screenshots using a graphics painting program like e.g. Microsoft Paint. SeeWindows 7 Help for more information.