Manually add radio station

This article explains how you add an Internet radio station to the XStream station list.

To add a new station to the list of stations, you require the station's streaming URL.

Tip: Determining the correct streaming URL can be tricky as it is different than the station's website URL. Winamp users: open the stream with Winamp. Winamp will then display the stream properties. There you will also find the streaming URL.

To locate the a station's streaming URL

  1. Visit the website of the radio station and open the stream with an external media player.
    Note: Some stations do not allow their streams to be opened with an external media player. In such a case, please try looking in our partner's Audials forum for assistance. Other XStream / Audials users may be able to help you locate the sought-after streaming URL. Always provide the web address of the station that you would like to add.
  2. Copy the station's streaming URL from stream properties.

Now you can introduce XStream to the streaming URL.

  1. In XStream, change to the Radio view and click Stations.
  2. Click Load... and select Add station manually. Add the station's streaming URL in the upper field. If a connection is able to be established, the station name will appear in the lower text field.
  3. Click Add.
The station will be added to the list of stations and labeled as a favorite.