Edit recorded songs

This article describes how to edit songs.

Restriction: Only audio files in MP3 format can be edited. For more on additional restrictions, please read Editing function.

To edit a song

  1. Click on the song in the Player that you wish to edit.
  2. Click Cut. The editing window will open.
    Note: If the Cut button is deactivated, the song selected cannot be edited (e.g. because it is not an MP3 file).
  3. Click the audio track to move the playback marker and click to play the song back from the point marked.
  4. Move to adjust the song beginning and move to adjust the duration of fading.
  5. Click to test the modifications made.
  6. Click Track end and repeat steps 4 to 5.
  7. Click Save if you are satisfied with the result.
You may now play back the edited song in the player. The editing process for files appropriate for editing may be repeated.