Turning on writing log files

When troubleshooting technical problems, you should activate writing log files. Log files will help the technical support team to identify the problem.

Log files contain a protocol of the technical operations of the software. This protocol allows the technical support team and the software developers to understand the exact behaviour of the software.

To turn on writing support logs

  1. Go to Options > General .
  2. Optional: Delete all old log files. If you intend to reproduce an error or problem and to report it to the support team, it is recommendable to delete all old log file content. This will ensure the amount of log files is as small as possible.
    1. Click Open log folder to open the log file folder.
      The log file folder consists several subfolders, each containing a number of text files.
    2. Select and delete all subfolders.
    3. Close Windows Explorer and go back to XStream.
  3. Select the Write support information to log files check box.
  4. Click OK.
XStream is now writing log files while you use the software as usual.

To turn off writing log files, clear the Write support information to log files check box in step 3.