Creating a scheduled radio recording

This article explains how to create a new scheduled recording.

To create a scheduled recording for one of your favorite stations:

  1. Switch to the Radio view in the navigation pane located on the left side of the Audials window and select one of your favorite stations. Click and choose Create scheduled recording....
  2. Select a recording start and end date and time.
    Note: When selecting date and time, mind that XStream works with your computer's date and time settings. For stations located in different places on the globe, you may have to take timezone differences into account. Also make sure you computer's clock is not running slow/fast.
  3. Optional: Enter a comment for the scheduled recording. Comments can be helpful to remember the purpose of a recording later on.
  4. Click OK.
You can see your new scheduled recording in the list. XStream will automatically start and finish this recording at the given date and time.